Kashan is situated on a route that connects Tehran to the giant destinations of Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd. Moreover, the ancient town is a gateway to many sights, stories, and surrounding attractive villages to discover.

Travel to Kashan and its surroundings, even Natanz and around Isfahan, is possible for one day and 24 hours. After leaving Tehran, 4 hours later you can see yourself in Kashan and its surroundings and enjoy for a day to a week .

Several highways between Tehran and Kashan and Isfahan and Natanz have made access fast and you can travel to Kashan easily and at a suitable speed. Rural and local roads are also spectacular and pleasant, and the warm-hearted attitude of the people has made the trip memorable. In the surrounding villages, Abyaneh, Niasar, Ghamsar, etc., a travel tent can be set up and spend the night.

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