Kashan’s beautiful scenery and suburbs which are home to the historical village of Abyaneh, Niasar, Ardehal, Qamsar, Barzok, Nushabaad, Abuzeidabaad, Aran &Bidgol, Kashan City and nearby villages, are accessible all year round.

The city is on the list of most popular destinations for desert tourists, and can be an ideal destination for all those interested due to its stunning desert scenery.

Kashan is an event-oriented tourism hub during the four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Kashan and its surrounding regions are renowned for its subcultures, rituals, a unique variety of historical, cultural, and tourist attractions.

Every year in May, small towns near Kashan like Qamsar, Niasar, Barzok, Ardehal and etc wear a beautiful covering of red roses, giving them the smell of heaven as one walks through its beautiful gardens.

“Kamu-va- Jowsheqan is one of the most unique star observation centers of the country and this potential can turn this area into an international astronomy city.

Consider having a day trip to the serene Maranjab which is one of the best accessible deserts in Iran to get into. Explore the high dunes by camel,  just wander around, pitch a tent, enjoy the sunrise, or wait till sunset and the hereinafter star heaven. The desert inspires everyone!

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