More than half of the world’s population now live in the urban areas. In fact, urbanization is one of the most transformative and changing trends of the world. It can bring various challenges related to well -being, environment quality and cultural identity. So, the innovative solutions should be a logical response to cover the increasing concerns and achieve higher levels of development, prosperity and social progress. The historical background of Kashan district is related to the oldest human settlements on the central plateau of Iran called Sialk and Kashan was one of the first foundations of human civilization and urbanization, dated back to 7000 years ago. Kashan is a pioneer of art, industry and architecture. Like other historical cities in Iran, Kashan is interested in preserving Iranian traditional and vernacular architecture and urbanism as a legacy for its posterity. As a brilliant tourism destination, it has been always attracted by a vast population of tourist from all around the world, thanks to the outstanding tangible and intangible heritage including historic glorious monuments, the occasional festivals and rituals, etc.

Kashan is globally known for magnificent historic houses, rosewater, carpet and textile, handicrafts, etc.

It has also got attractive economic opportunities negotiable for investment in various tourism and industrial contexts. Located on the main trade and transportation roads in all past periods, especially on the famous way of Silk Road, Kashan has always enjoyed economically and commercially prominent background and a pioneer in production and trade of Silk.

On behalf of friendly and hospitable people of Kashan, I invite you to visit our pleasant city and take a memorable experience, capturing your eyes and heart in all respects.

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