Kashan to Take Advantage of Brazilian Expertise

The Brazilian ambassador met with the mayor of Kashan in the first day of the visit he paid to this city.

In this meeting, the mayor of Kashan requested to take the advantage of expertise and knowledge of Brazilian experts in various fields such as agriculture, mining, solar energy, smart city, water resources management, and waste conversion industries.

Hassan Bakhshandeh Amnieh made suggestions in the field of rising economic exchanges with Brazil, exchange of expert in the field of architecture and also launching intercity cooperation to Brazilian cities corresponding to Kashan.

While considering Iran as one of the most important countries in the Middle East region, the Brazilian ambassador in his part called for the development and strengthening of cooperation and interactions with Kashan in various fields.

Laudemar Gonsalves de Aguiar referred to Brazil as one of the agricultural poles of the world and expressed his country’s readiness to establish cooperation with different cities and communities of Iran, including Kashan, in order to develop agricultural and commercial cooperation.

Speaking about the conclusion of the sister city agreement, he also suggested the launch of a joint cooperation program to increase the results of these agreements.

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