Today, designing public urban spaces have found a basic necessity in urban development programs, indicating the role these spaces play in strengthening the cultural- social image of the city. During the last decade, Kashan Municipality has presented developed plans in various service areas in order to achieve sustainable development and also increase public welfare in the city. In order to fulfill these programs, it has taken effective measures in the field of tourism, economy and investment. Dividing city to five districts, Kashan Municipality was able to create a fair distribution of resources and services and to have the most successful performance in line with the development policies of Kashan during the past 20 years. To achieve these goals, especially in terms of attracting investors and tourists, Kashan Municipality has provided the necessary grounds for the development of the city, giving special importance to the urban economy and developing policies to realize these perspectives. Relying on the country’s macroeconomic policies and also taking the advantage of the potentials of public and private sector, this municipality seeks to create economic development.

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