Kashan, as the pearl of wisdom, is well-known for its scholars, great and famous artisans as well as artists along the length of history. It is of most potential interest for those who would like to apply for higher education far away from their homelands as well as those who are interested in experiencing a new academic setup. Its geographic location (situated in the center of Iran and well-connected with many highways to Tehran and Isfahan), a warm and friendly population, public safety and advanced research universities make it an ideal location for students interested in study and exploration. Studying in Kashan provides them with opportunities such as sight-seeing and visiting new places along with multiple academic benefits. The universities of Kashan, along with other universities in Iran, have worked to establish a strong network of support for all students. Currently, there are more than 40,000 students studying in various fields, such as engineering, art, law, medical sciences and many other ones at universities of Kashan. The main universities of Kashan include:

• University of Kashan

• Kashan University of Medical Sciences

• Islamic Azad University of Kashan

• Payame Noor University

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