Kashan is internationally famous as a meeting point of traditional Persian architecture and craftsmanship.

Atmospheric spaces, rosewater, textiles, rugs, delicious dishes, and above all, hospitable people are some famous examples to describe Kashan in central Iran. The delightful oasis city is famed for numerous architectural masterpieces, a photogenic bazaar, and many old traditional houses some of which transformed into cozy boutique hotels where sightseers may feel the traditional lifestyle.

The city of Kashan was introduced to World Crafts Council as a candidate for recognition as the World City of Traditional Textile. textile production has a long history in Kashan and a large number of workshops are active in the city. Kashan was selected as the National City of Traditional Textile in 2018. the discovery of woven fabrics in Sialk Hills of Kashan indicates that the history of Kashan’s textile industry dates back to fourth millennium BCE. about 60 National Seal of Excellence and 16 international awards were presented to the handicraft artists of the city since March 2019. the women of Kashan, in addition to doing housework, have been involved in the economic activities since ancient times, adding their contribution can still be seen in both the old and new sections of the city. although a change in the lifestyle has led to a reduction in the number of women involving in production of homemade crafts, many females are still active in the carpet weaving, embroidery, pottery and traditional jewelry workshops of Kashan. more than 1,000 artists are working in the handicraft sector of the city, adding 70 types of handicrafts are being produced in the city.

Of 290 fields of handicraft, which are known in Iran, 67 are currently being practiced in Kashan.

More than 1000 citizens of Kashan are routinely engaged in 67 fields of handicrafts.

Over the past decade, a total of 12 high-quality works by natives of Kashan have been inscribed on the list of UNESCO Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts, and 33 have been honored with the national seal of excellence.


Handicraft Workshop

Even those with minimal interest in textiles will find this working museum a fascinating place to visit. Opened to ensure that the traditional craft of producing Kashani textiles is kept alive, masters work at elaborate hand looms to create intricate wonders of weaving, such as embossed velvet and zarbaft (silk brocade).

Given the quality of the silks and the intense labour involved (it takes weeks just to set up the threads on a loom), the textiles are very costly and are reserved as museum-quality pieces for display in the workshop or for gifts to visiting dignitaries.

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