Kashan is a beautiful town in the central Iranian province of Isfahan with a very long history and numerous natural and ancient tourist attractions, including its culinary:


Meat & Beans
Meat & Beans is a very well-known food in Kashan. The ingredients include white beans, meat (lamb). Rice and herbs such as fenugreek and chives. This is a very nutritious move and usually served with bread or dill pilaf.

Sumac Juice Meatballs

Meatballs are commonly cooked in various Iranian cities, but the ingredients and recipes are different. The meatballs cooked in Kashan are also known as sumac juice meatballs. Its staple ingredients include minced meat, chickpea flour, onions and sumac. This kind of meatball tastes sour-sweet and is served with either bread or rice.

Chickpea Balls
Chickpea balls is also known as pomegranate balls. The ingredients include eggs, chickpea flour, dried herbs and minced meat. They are all mixed together and formed into balls before being fried. Then pomegranate past and fried onions are poured onto the fried chickpea balls, This sour-tasting food is served with bread, but can also be served with rice.

Aleh Pea Stew
This food can also be called Kashani Qaymeh stew as it is very similar to the Qaymeh stew cooked in Yazd province. The recipe is similar to that of Qaymeh. The only difference is that peas are used instead of split peas. Beef is also used in this food.


JooJooi Tas-Kebab
Its ingredients include pomegranate paste, aubergine, tomatoes and meat. This food is served with bread.

Carrot Cutlet
Grated carrots, minced beef, chickpea flour, eggs and vinegar are the ingredients of the carrot cutlet. They mix and fry these ingredients.


Yatimcheh is a common food across Iran. It is a simple food with aubergine as its major ingredient. The rest of the ingredients are different in different cities. The Yatimcheh cooked in Kashan is made with potatoes together with tomatoes and onions.

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