Islamic City Councils are defined as the main driver of urban activities to realize single urban management. According to the seventh principle of the constitution of the councils, their duties are to attract people’s participation in the city administration, to prevent discrimination, to protect citizenship rights, to regulate local regulations, to elect local directors and to monitor the effective implementation of city and citizen affairs. In fact, the main objective of the formation of the city council is the rapid progress of urban development through cooperation and participation of the people.

The Islamic City Council of Kashan is the directly elected council that presides over the city of Kashan, elects the Mayor of Kashan in a mayor–council government system, and budgets of the Municipality of Kashan.

The council is composed of 9 members elected on a Plurality-at-large voting basis for four-year terms. The Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Council are chosen by the council at the first regular meeting.

Ali Hashemi Taheri


Alireza Arab Beigi

Vice Chairman and Head of Commission on Economic, Program, Budget and Legal Affairs

Alireza Mofarrah


Hosein Heidarian


Effat Pedramfar

Head of Commission on Cultural- Social Affairs

Mahdi Nadali

Head of Commission on Urban Services, Water and Environment Affairs

Javad Haj Ghadiri

Head of Commission on Technical and Civil Affairs

Hosein Bagh Sheikhi

Deputy Head of Commission on Cultural- Social Affairs

Mostafa Kordemil

Member of the City Council

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