Bulgarian Ambassador meets with the Mayor of Kashan

In the meeting, the Mayor of Kashan, referring to the common grounds for cooperation, considered the conclusion of sister city relations between Kashan and Kazanlak, Bulgaria as a good opportunity to realize this interaction.

Hassan Bakhshandeh Amnieh mentioned this region as one of the best options for profitable investment, considering different and special potentials of Kashan, especially in the fields such as solar energy, promotion of smart cities, transportation, etc.

While appreciating Kashan’s municipality for a worthy hospitality, also, the Bulgarian ambassador mentioned the importance of rose and rosewater industry in Kashan and different parts of Bulgaria as a common potential, and emphasized the desire of different cities of this country to launch cooperation with Kashan.

Pointing to the similarities between Bulgaria and Iran and referring to the 125th anniversary of the relationship between the two countries, she emphasized the need for joint cooperation, especially through cities with special positions in the two countries.

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